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New Research Project: "MODACON 3D"

  • Employment of calcined clays in aerated concrete using LithoPore® technology
  • Identification of an optimal design concept for an aerated-calcined clay mortar for modular construction
  • Development of a suitable 3D-printable composite product for modular construction technology

“MODACON 3D – Development of a Modular System using Aerated-Calcined Clay Concrete Technology adapted for 3D-Printing”

The development of modern construction technologies worldwide is aimed at increasing efficiency in production and creating durable concrete products with sustainable raw materials. Recently, additive manufacturing has become an innovative technology to improve efficiency and safety in construction. However, significant research on additive manufacturing has been limited to the use of conventional concrete, despite the fact that production of cement generates tremendous CO2 emissions. In an attempt to mitigate the high energy consumption of cement, the use of aerated concrete technology with calcined clays as a sustainable cement substitute is a potential solution for sustainable concrete construction. Considering the vast flexibility and high flowability of aerated concrete, this material could be an ideal option for 3D applications.

The “MODACON 3D” project combines innovation and development with the use of calcined clays in aerated concrete technology and the adaptation of the composite product to additive manufacturing.

MODACON 3D is an international R&D collaboration project between Luca Industries International GmbH, Özyegin University (Turkey), TICEM Advanced Structural Technologies (Turkey) and ISTON Istanbul Beton Elemanlari Ve Hazir Beton Fabrikalari San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. (Turkey). The project lies within the framework of the funding programme “IraSME – International research activities by small and medium-sized enterprises”, which is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).