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LithoPore® Machinery

True technology. A true aerated concrete technology depends partially on the applied machinery to manufacture the concrete and foam and partially on the raw materials used to generate the foam and other additives to enhance the performance and quality of the foamed concrete. For the manufacturing of LithoPore® Aerated Concrete - LPAC with LithoFoam ® foaming agents we offer a full range of aerated concrete equipment.

All these machineries are complete systems integrated with foam generator, mixing system, weighing system and pumping unit. In case of block and panel production, moulds, cutting and vapour curing systems are provided additionally. By providing complete turn-key system we guarantee the quality of not only our equipment but also ensures the quality of the manufactured LithoPore® Aerated Concrete - LPAC . This is reducing the investor´s risk tremendously and makes your project successfull.

All the equipment supplied by us is provided with manufacturing warranty of 1 year. The components we integrate in our machinery are all by worldwide first class companies such as ABB or Siemens to meet the strict German standards and European norms.

Dedicated to quality. Easy and very less maintenance are further unique selling propositions of our machinery. All manufacturing processes are regularly audited externally and internally within our Quality Management System that is effective since 2005 already.

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