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LithoPore® Aerated Concrete - LPAC - true foam concrete technology

A strong worldwide recognized brand in the field of foam concrete - Symbol for sustainable and environmental-friendly manufacturing processes and construction materials as well as applications. Read more...

LithoPore® Academy for foam concrete

LithoPore® Aerated Concrete - LPAC is a comprehensive foam concretre technology. The LithoPore® Academy is offering seminars, webinars, raw material testing and many other services related to LPAC.  Co-operation Agreements with several universities and our own Research and Development are putting LPAC and the foam concrete in general on a solid basis. Learn more about our LithoPore® Academy .

Certifications and Awards

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Foam Concrete Terminology

In the field of aerated concrete, various terms are used:

Foam concrete, foamed concrete, cellular lightweight concrete, CLC, foamed cement, non autoclaved aerated concrete, foamcrete, cellular concrete, aerated lightweight concrete, foam generator, etc.

Learn more about the LithoPore® Aerated Concrete – LPAC Technology in our FAQ.