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LithoFoam® Additives

  • Product variety: various biotechnological additives to enhance your product´s quality
  • Aerated Concrete density adjustable 1600-75 kg/m³
  • Neutral, technical odor
  • tailor made additives to your application
  • Very competitive prices

The details are making the difference . The trade name LithoFoam® includes several foaming agent types as well as other additives such as networkformers and stabilizers. LithoFoam® foaming agents are based on artificial molecular engineered proteins manufactured within specific fermentation processes.

Meeting your requirements. They are designed especially for the building material industry. Diluted in water and processed in our foam generators LithoFoam® foaming agents are generating very fine and stable high quality foam.

Standard protein based foaming agents, are made by protein hydrolysis from animal proteins out of horn, blood, bones of cows, pigs and other remainders of animal carcasses. This leads on the one hand to a very intense stench of such foaming agents on the other hand to a broad range of molecular weight of the proteins because the raw materials are always changing.

Surfactant based (synthetic foaming agents) the other big group of foaming agents are purely chemical products with constant quality, but until today with insufficient properties and low efficiency for the manufacturing of foam concrete.

Our new innovative foaming agent technology, however, is not based on the unattractive protein hydrolysis but on a biotechnological procedure. Thus LithoFoam® products have a neutral, technical odour and are adjustable to every need.

Biotechnology is key. With our specific artificial molecular engineered proteins LithoFoam® foaming agents contain usually only 3-10% active agents whereas conventional foaming agents requires 30-50% active agents. As a result, less superfluous external material that could disturb the properties of the concrete mix is inserted with the foam. Next to this essential advantage LithoFoam® foaming agents can be offered at prices far below those of competitors.

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