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Sami S.r.l.
Via Industriale 18
52011 Bibbiena (AR)

Tel: +39 - 575 536366 – 594845

Sami S.r.l. operates, inter alia, in the field of mechanical engineering and industrial plant construction. It has over 40 years of experience and comprehensive know-how in the field of the development, design and manufacture of machineries and industrial plants for storage, dosage, blending and dissolution of powders and granular materials, mainly for the construction industry. Sami S.r.l. possesses in particular special know-how in the field of the manufacture of concrete batching plants, concrete mixing plants, inertization plants, blending plants, dissolution plants, horizontal and vertical storage silos.

As an exclusive cooperation partner Sami S.r.l. is manufacturing the mechanical machinery components for larger LithoPore® Aerated concrete - LPAC plants wheras Luca Industries International is directly manufacturing the electric controll boards as well the software.